Security Bars

At Arc Fabrications we always believe safety comes first. This always lease the question of should you protect your home or business with some security bars? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you should consider security bars:

  • Do you live or is your office located in an area without neighbourhood watch?
  • Do you lack confidence in the response times by local authorities?
  • Do you have basement or ground-level windows out of sight to neighbours or passers by?
  • Is the burglary rate high or rapidly rising in your neighbourhood?

Why do Bars on Windows Work

The obvious answer is  they prevent easy entrance into your home. The not so obvious answer is that they deter the burglars against a property that hasn’t got security bars installed. Burglars generally would prefer to work quickly and quietly as they simply don’t like complications.

The visual presence of security bars is generally enough of a deterrent. Combine the bars with motion detector lighting and an alarm for maximum effectiveness in burglar prevention.

Already Have Tired Looking Bars?

Don’t forget we offer a Restoration service that can have those tired and worn looking old Security Bars restored to all their glory. We can also offer a Specialist Welding service in case your existing security bars were damaged from rust